The Story of Lazy Acre Ranch

Raising Beef at 4,360’
Space to grow and savory scenery. The high altitude elements provide their own unique set of challenges and build character.

We’d love to claim there is a special secret that makes our cows happier, healthier & tastier, but the truth is we rely on the combination of fresh mountain air, cool creek water & that class Colorado sunshine to keep our pastures pleasant & productive.

Ranch to Table
Many of the agricultural giants use terms like “farm to table” and “all natural” but lack honesty. We stand by our work & our process... which is simple: Raise healthy cows while avoiding the temptation to add hormones & antibiotics for unnatural growth.

Caring for Cattle
Kindness and common sense, that's what we provide for our bovine. No need for additives.
Colorado Distributed
We believe the best beef comes from close by, which is why we serve Colorado, insuring our product stays fresh until enjoyed.
Prime Angus
Mouth watering marbling, consistent cuts, prime grade meat.

Ranch Visits & Tours

Your relationship with the meat your eat should go past the dinner table.
Let us show you where your food comes from and how it is raised. When you have a better understanding of the process behind what you put into your body, you can make educated decisions on what you decide to eat. The Ranch is open to the public, through scheduled visits, to allow those who may not have the opportunity otherwise see the hard work that goes behind the meat you see on your local grocery store shelves.

The best part, a visit to Lazy Acre Ranch allows you to get a hands on experience; leaving with your hands a little dirty and your hearts a little fuller.