Lazy Acre Ranch Est. 1933

Veteran & family owned/operated for 5 generations.

  • Levi

    Our 5th generation owner, veteran & leader of the pack.

  • Lil' Larry

    Lar' as we affectionatly reffer to him, keeps our spirits high and the inter-animal drama low.

  • Evan Jeffries

    Local firefighter & rancher, Evan is the hand that greets our trusted partners & community of customers.

  • Ethically Raised

    We'd love to claim there is a special secret that make our cows happier, healthier & tastier, but the truth is we rely on the combination of fresh mountain air, cool creek water & that classic Colorado sunshine to keep our pastures pleasant & productive.

  • Ranch to Table

    Many of the agricultural giants use terms like "farm to table" and "all natural" but lack honesty. We stand by our word & our process.. which is simple: Raise healthy cows while avoiding the tempation to add hormones & antibiotics for unnatural growth.

  • RAISING BEEF AT 4,360'

    Space to grow and savory scenery. The high altitude elements provide their own unique set of challenges & build character.


    Mouth watering marbling, consistent cuts, prime grade meat.


    Kindness and common sense, thats what we provide for our bovine. No need for additives.


    We beleive the best beef comes from close by, which is why we serve Colorado, insuring our product stays fresh until enjoyed.